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No longer limited to prototyping, additive manufacturing (AM) regroups diverse technologies including printed electronics to enable manufacturing of smart 3D.

Ground-breaking innovation that CSEM explores in this domain is the integration of directly printed functionalities to 3D printed objects, such as electrodes, antennas or sensors, allowing monitoring structural parameters such as temperature, pressure or bio-related parameters i.e. pH enabling long-term performance quantification.

CSEM has used direct inkjet printing of thin metal layer on 3D objects followed by galvanic growth. This mask-less and vacuum-free process is very well mastered by CSEM enabling fabrication of various functionalities on 3D objects for space or life science applications.

Further development foresees LCA-assessment, taking all the required materials, their associated emissions and resources into consideration and completing it with life cycle aspects in terms of environmental burdens and human health by deploying ultra-pure nanoparticle based inks.
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