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XTPL. Powering the microelectronics of tomorrow.

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XTPL is paving the way in innovation, revolutionising industries with our groundbreaking additive technology solutions. Our journey began with rigorous research and development, and now we're shaping the future with our technological expertise.

Our innovative approach is evident in our patented Ultra-Dispensing System (UPD) and range of nanoinks and nanopastes, which offer unparalleled precision and efficiency in microelectronics applications.

As a total supplier, we offer tailored end-to-end solutions that cater to our clients' unique needs. From concept to final product, we provide the support, expertise, and innovative solutions that ensure success.

We continuously evolve and expand our portfolio of patented solutions, showcasing our commitment to lead the microelectronics revolution. At XTPL, we don't just envision the future, we create it.

XTPL. Powering the microelectronics of tomorrow. 

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XTPL. Powering the microelectronics of tomorrow.

XTPL. Powering the microelectronics of tomorrow.



Stabłowicka 147, 54-066 Wrocław, Poland
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