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SpeedPox GmbH

SpeedPox GmbH
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SpeedPox: Revolutionary 1K epoxy resins with highly efficient UV curing.

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SpeedPox® is a supplier of innovative and ultra-fast curing epoxy systems. All our systems are one-component systems with unlimited pot life. A heat or UV pulse triggers a patented self-curing mechanism that cures the resin in seconds. This enables our customers to save time and energy of up to 99% and optimise the efficiency of their processes.

At lopec 2024, we will be presenting our SpeedPox® Conduct product range. This includes UV-curing conductive inks for the production of printed electronics as well as conductive adhesives to replace lead-based solder tins.

We will also be presenting the SpeedPox® Potting product range. This includes highly efficient, ultra-fast curing 1-component potting compounds for various electronics applications.

Product presentations

SpeedPox product range

SpeedPox product range


SpeedPox GmbH
Holz Steiner Straße 6, Objekt 4a, 2201 Gerasdorf bei Wien - Seyring, Austria
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Mr. Raffael Baumfried