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Wide range printed electronics onpaper for sustainable smart packaging solutions

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Fedrigoni is a renowned Italian company operating in the stationery, paper and printed electronics sectors. Founded in 1888, it has built a solid reputation by manufacturing high-quality papers, innovative packaging solutions and self-adhesive solutions.

Fedrigoni has an international reach, with customers in over 120 countries and a 2,2 B€ turnover in 2022. The company has grown to become a major player in the paper and self-adhesive industries and is renowned for its high-end products.

In addition to its traditional activities, Fedrigoni is involved in printed electronics, offering special materials and substrates for electronic applications, such as flexible printed circuits (NFC, UHF tags) and other printed electronic devices (sensors, printed battery, printed display,..).

Fedrigoni’s wide range of printed electronics on optimized paper substrates are the perfect marriage to ensure unparalleled performance and accelerate the migration from Plastic to Paper.

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Sustainable Smart Packaging solutions

Sustainable Smart Packaging solutions

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10 Rue Jean Arnaud, 38500 Voiron, France
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