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Saralon GmbH

Saralon GmbH
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Saral Inks for sustainable Printed Electronics

Company profile

Functional and conductive inks and complete process know-how at one shop

Saralon is an industry leader in the development of functional inks for Printed Electronics and ready-to-use printed electronics for specific applications.

Categories of products and services:

  • Saral Inks©: Comprehensive range of individual inks for Printed Electronics classified based on functionality, end use, and material (e.g. Conductive/Sensor/Heating, Silver/Copper/Carbon/Polymer, etc.).
  • Saral Inks© Sets: Specifically developed sets of compatible inks for smooth printing of selected high value, high demand electronic applications (e.g. Printed Battery, Temperature Logger, OLED Labels, etc.)
  • Saral Electronics: Pre-printed functional boards using Saral Inks©.
  • InkTech: Know-how transfer including design files, printing guide and technical support.

Saral Inks© are printable on various substrates (paper, plastic, textile, glass, etc.) by additive printing methods to create flexible, stretchable electronics.

Product presentations

Saral Inks - Functional Inks for PE

Saral Inks - Functional Inks for PE

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Saralon GmbH
Lothringer Straße 11 Hall L, 09120 Chemnitz, Germany
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