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Metafas B.V.

Metafas B.V.
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We print electronics! Using screen printing for over 20 years.

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Metafas is a true expert in screen printing, where we combine craftmanship with hightech under onde roof, located in the brainport region (Eindhoven) in the Netherlands. With our broad experience in the automotive, medical, machine & equipment, consumer electronics and other industrial applications we produce User Interfaces and Printed Electronics, including Smart Plastics, Smart Textile and Smart Packaging. Our inhouse processes are Screen Development, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, CNC machining, SMT Pick&Place, Knife- and Laser Cutting, Textile transfer pressing, High Pressure Thermoforming, and Assembly.


Metafas B.V.
Planker 12, 5721 VG Asten, Netherlands
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Mr. Luc van Neer
Sales & General Management
CEO & Sales
Metafas Group BV
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Mr. Sjef Vinken
Technical Director
Metafas Group BV