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ABeetle Corporation

ABeetle Corporation
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Flexible Hybrid Electronic, Sensor Circuit, Fabric Circuit, Electronics Assembly


ABeetle Corporation is a total solution provider, uniquely providing a combination of silkscreen printing and etching capabilities in the printed circuit industry. We offer end-to-end solutions for the design, manufacturing, and assembly of a broad spectrum of Printed Electronic including In-Mold-Electronic, capacitive sensor, E-Paper display module, and membrane keypad assembly.

Our distinctive high-density silkscreen printing & etching capability, coupled with the use of diverse substrate like PI, PET, PC, Fabric, Paper, and Glass, empower us to redefine electronic possibilities.

We excel in conductor material such as Silver, Ag/AgCl, Copper, Carbon, Ag Nano-Wire, CNT, and PEDOT. Serving industrial, medical, automotive, and wearable electronic, we are dedicated to precision, innovation, and sustainability, providing tailored solution from quick-turn proto to high-volume production.

Our technologies aim to enhance efficiency while reducing carbon footprint and cutting carbon emission.


High-Density Multi-Layer Screen-Thru-Hole Circuits

High-Density Multi-Layer Screen-Thru-Hole Circuits


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ABeetle Corporation
8F., No. 708-6, ZhongZheng Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City 24257, Taiwan (Chinesisch-Taipeh)
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