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IPC Innovation Plasturgie Composites

IPC Innovation Plasturgie Composites
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IPC performs R&D activities on smart plastics, connected plastics and composites


IPC is the technical industrial centre of the French plastics and composites industries, in direct connection with more than 3,000 SMEs. IPC delivers new smart plastics, connected plastics and composites for markets like packaging, transport, consumer goods and building. IPC is in charge of providing the plastics and composites industries with innovative and high added value facilities and manufacturing pilot lines, cutting-edge expertise and services, covering the full industry value chain. Smart plastics devices and technologies (including 3D-MID, integration of electronics in composites, overmoulding of printed and/or stretchable electronics and thermoforming of printed electronics) are one of IPC’s key fields of expertise. With the Hyprod² platform, IPC develops high-throughput processes for the manufacturing of smart composites with embedded electronic functionalities.


IPC's HYPROD² platform

IPC's HYPROD² platform




IPC Innovation Plasturgie Composites
2 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 01100 Bellignat, Frankreich