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CondAlign AS

CondAlign AS
Organic and Printed Electronics Association
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We are a tech company producing advanced electrically adhesive bonding materials

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CondAlign develops, produces and sells anisotropic conductive adhesive films (ACFs) for room temperature bonding of components in printed, flexible and hybrid electronics.

Our E-Align products are used and applied at room temperature and do not need any post processing in the form of high pressure or heat curing.

All our products are manufactured in a roll-2-roll process, utilizing our novel, patented technology for aligning conductive particles in a polymer resin. This gives our E-Align products unique properties and qualities, like low resistivity, good adhesiveness and high flexibility.

The technology allows for achieving excellent conductivity with a low content of conductive particles. Reducing the use of silver and other novel materials secures a cost efficient and environmental friendly product with outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

The products can be ordered directly from CondAlign in a variety of formats.

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CondAlign AS
Bøkkerveien 5, 0579 Oslo, Norway
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CondAlign AS
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CondAlign AS