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Pröll GmbH

Pröll GmbH
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Non-conductive, formable & back moldable IMD/FIM screen printing inks for PE

Company profile

Proell was founded 1938 in Bavaria Germany. Proell is a medium-sized enterprise employing 150 people worldwide.

105 colleagues work, develop and produce innovative printing systems in the Weißenburg headquarters.

Proell is an R&D driven company!

Proell’s core business is the development and production of customized chemical products for printing plastics, glass and metals.

In the Film-Insert-Molding sector (IMD/FIM Technology), a wide range of ink systems, adhesion promoters, dual-cure protective lacquers and non-conductive black screen printing inks is available for the decoration of automotive interior parts and display panels for household appliances.

Proell IMD/FIM screen printing inks show excellent printing properties, high formability and outstanding backmolding performance, even as a one-component ink such as NORIPHAN® HTR N!

Our innovative UV-curing, solvent and water-based screen printing inks as well as pad printing inks are used for industrial and graphic applications.

Industrially customized printing applications are our core competence!

Product presentations

NORIPHAN<sup>®</sup> HTR N 990 non-conductive inks

NORIPHAN® HTR N 990 non-conductive inks



Pröll GmbH
Treuchtlinger Str. 29, 91781 Weißenburg, Germany
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