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Logistics and Retail
Logistics and Retail
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InnovationLab's flexible printed pressure sensors can bring a digital revolution in retail and logistics. In the retail sector, cheap sensors, that allow spatial resolution of weight measurements can be used in virtually everything that is happening on a shelf or pallet. The shelve knows what is still on it, no matter if it is in a storage room, a logistic picking center or even in a supermarket itself. Cycle counting can be supported, up to a real time analysis of shelved goods. Again, printed electronic in retail shows advantages over camera systems, that are much more expensive. Camera systems can very well find pallets in a storage as long as they are packed, yet once pallets are opened, visual recognition comes to its boundaries. The “footprint” of the palette remains yet the same and the weight can be consulted to determine the filling status.
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InnovationLab produces the printed sensor Occlusense® for Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG. With this sensor, the force between teeth can be measured during biting. The novelty of this device is the digital representation of the occlusal contact points and the possible related occlusal disbalance. The integrated printed flexible pressure sensors by InnovationLab depict the unique features accessible by printed electronics - thin, lightweight, conformable on plastic substrate.
Still our printed and organic sensors can do much more: They can be used to build smart labels and packaging to track the amount of liquid/medicine in a vessel. That is particularly important for expensive medicine. One could even track if, when and how much medicine a patient has taken.
Even more, one can use them to build smart beds and IoT systems to enable real-time monitoring of patients and thus prevent fall injuries and pressure ulcers. Monitors can transport conditions in real-time and detect deviations immediately. This solution supports nurses and reduce personnel requirements.
Smart City
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InnovationLab's affordably manufactured large-area printed sensors offer enormous potential for the next step in a powerful, digital traffic infrastructure. Whether bridge monitoring, road or traffic control, our flexible pressure or temperature sensors can be integrated almost anywhere and create a comprehensive and reliable data basis, based on which traffic safety, traffic management and environmental pollution can be optimized.
The sensors printed on flexible and extremely thin substrates, which can be integrated on and under the road surface, enable, for example, a traffic analysis on busy streets or highways, and this for all road users. They can contribute to the networking of vehicles with each other, the networking of vehicles with other instruments and the networking with the entire transport infrastructure. In public transport, sensors in the seats and in the floor could precisely analyze the occupancy of the vehicles on their routes and thus show potential for optimization.
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InnovationLab's flexible printed pressure sensors can be processed on ultra-thin flexible substrates allowing customers to integrate them into densely packed system applications as car seats to distinguish between seated persons and other objects. This information about driver presence provides a basis for various driver assistance and safety systems as seat belt reminders and emergency call systems. But also, in aviation sector these pressure sensors could support safety features for landing and take-off by occupancy identification.

Additional applications are to be found in the field of facility management as fitting out smart offices. To prevent back complaints, smart chairs equipped with InnovationLab's pressure sensors for a high-resolution analysis of pressure distribution can support correct sitting postures. Furthermore, room occupancies can be tracked and analyzed. Energy consumption may can be optimized and adapted to suit the room occupation.
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