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Töberstrasse 4
9425 Thal
Tel.  +41 71 8985700
Fax  +41 71 8985721

Sefar AG
Sefar AG
Sefar AG
Sefar AG

SEFAR® TCS and SEFAR® TCF: Sefar produces flexible, transparent conductive foils (TCS) and fabrics (TCF), which are mainly used in surface lighting and solar cell markets. By incorporating fine metallic wires into a transparent polymer fabric, conductivities of 0.01 Ohm per square are possible, while keeping the transparency at 90-94%. However, the high conductivity, surface area and permeability of these fabrics open many other fields of application. Specific features are added according to the needs of our customers.

SEFAR® PME is the best performing range of screen printing mesh for printers who need to expand the capabilities of their screen printing process. The mesh is made from an innovative, high modulus, high tensile strength yarn developed and manufactured by Sefar. This screen printing mesh solution offers stencil makers and printers maximum precision in extremely tight tolerances. SEFAR® PME enables the efficient and reliable production of stencils that allow for printing of the most demanding, high volume products – meeting the highest quality demands.

SEFAR® PCF, ready-made print forms in constant top quality. SEFAR® PCF is the innovative, unique pre-coated screen printing mesh for industrial screen printing and ensures superior print quality and efficiency. This innovative screen printing breakthrough is clean, space saving and environmental friendly.

For more information, please visit our booth B0 / 502.


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