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Brewer Science is pleased to unveil its Sensor System Solutions program. The new offering provides full consulting services to support customers from design through integration, to achieve complete, high-performance electronic system. Leveraging Brewer Science’s materials expertise allows for highly optimized integration of the company’s printed InFlect™ family of flex, moisture, thermistor, gas, and water sensors into customer designs. This enables a plethora of new applications that take sensing where it’s never been before, with a faster time to market.

Brewer Science’s Sensor System Solutions program supports customers throughout the entire development process. Support includes designing a customized sensor so it responds to desired stimuli; integrating it with analog and digital electronic components for signal conditioning and processing; developing associated firmware and software; and finally, connecting the processor with communication devices for transmission to a network. This service provides customers with a faster, more robust path to creating customized sensor systems, regardless of their in-house design capabilities.

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