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PV Nano Cell

PV Nano Cell is the developer of Sicrys™ conductive inks portfolio for Digital Printed Electronics mass production applications.

The portfolio includes single crystal nano-metric Silver or Copper based conductive inks built to deliver enhanced performance and enable additive manufacturing through digital printing in mass production applications such as: Printed circuit boards, antennas, sensors, smart cards, touchscreens, packaging, 3D surfaces printing and more.

Digital printing processes with Sicrys™ inks are more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost less. Sicrys™ inks have enhanced electrical, adhesion & shelve life properties.

PV Nano Cell will bring soon to the market a whole new approach which will shorten the process from R&D, through prototyping to mass production. The R&D Integrated printer, is the first inkjet printer to be specifically developed for Printed Electronics prototyping & process development. It integrates all the production features needed – printing, drying, sintering and inspection – in one device, capable to print up to ten types of ink in parallel. The printer architecture will give R&D staff flexibility with 'processes mix and match' possibilities.

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