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Epishine AB

Epishine AB
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The Internet of Trillions of Things will be based on FHE and powered by light.

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The Internet of Trillions of Things will be based on Flexible Hybrid Electronics and powered by light. By combining the performance of integrated silicon circuits with the manufacturing speed and flexibility of printed components, we will get thin and flexible label-like devices that could be roll-to-roll manufactured at high speed and at a low cost. In addition, the connected devices will be energy efficient enough to be powered by ambient light – where Epishine's roll-to-roll printed solar cells optimized for ambient light are a perfect fit.

Epishine is a leading developer and manufacturer of printed organic solar cells, committed to reducing global environmental impact by enabling innovative and smart technologies to meet the demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Epishine's business is based on pioneering manufacturing breakthroughs. Their first product is a unique, organic solar cell optimized for harvesting ambient light – easily integrated into small, low-power electronics.

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Epishine's organic solar cell

Epishine's organic solar cell


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Epishine AB
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