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Celanese Micromax

Celanese Micromax
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Micromax™ is a leading global supplier of thick film inks, pastes and ceramic tapes.

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Micromax™ is a leading supplier of printable, stretchable, and moldable functional thick film inks, pastes and ceramic tapes. Our products are utilized for circuitry, interconnection and packaging of electronic devices in automotive, passive components, telecom, consumer electronics, healthcare and military applications featuring properties such as enhanced circuit density, improved thermal management, higher reliability and other critical functionality. We have over 60 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of specialized electronic materials and are a global leader in providing customer support and product quality consistency.

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Micromax<sup>®</sup> PE839 for Fine Line Applications

Micromax® PE839 for Fine Line Applications


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Celanese Micromax
Centre Road 974, Wilmington 19805, USA