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Embro GmbH

Embro GmbH
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Embro is a B2B specialist in the production of technical textiles & smart textiles

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Embro - Specialist for smart textiles

We are your specialist for the development and production of technical textiles and smart textiles. Embro uses computerized machines to facilitate the tailored fiber or wire placement of various threads, wire strands, wires, or heat conductors on carrier materials. This sewing and embroidery technology allows for a durable and highly flexible combination of different materials.

•  Textile sensors & conductible textiles and tapes (conductive textiles)

•  Flexible electronics and large-area conductor paths

•  Smart Textiles & safety textiles

•  Highly flexible, electric heating elements and heating foils/heating fabrics (woven and nonwoven) for a wide range of operating voltages (12V, 24V, 230V, etc.) and temperatures (up to 200°C)

•  Functional textiles for medical engineering incl. textile electrodes for TENS and magnetic coils for PEMF

•  Ultaflexible RFID antennas

•  Composites (dry preforms)

•  CNC laser cutting & textile molding

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Digital Health Ready


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Embro GmbH
Klingenthaler Straße 109, 08209 Auerbach, Germany
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