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Jet Metal

Jet Metal
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JetTronic : UltraThin Smooth Silver Paterns

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JET METAL's solution consists in a disruptive process of functional metallization. This solution relies on patented technologies (JetMetal® and JetSelectiv®) that will be offered to Printed Electronics market as a toll-manufacturing service. This solution is environmentally friendly, unique in its market and brings simplicity, performance, agility and competitiveness for mass production Printed Electronics. Electronic tracks, electrodes, antennas, silver meshes, and other bus bars are made on any type of material by simply spraying water-phase products onto a water-soluble mask, through a roll-to-roll process. It offers its future customers a local European solution with a high substrate versatility and a state-of-the-art resolution at a competitive cost.

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Jet Metal
4 Rue Jean Elysée Dupuis, 69450 Champagne au Mont d'Or, France
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