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IBS Precision Engineering

IBS Precision Engineering
Organic and Printed Electronics Association
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In-line topology inspection and control

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IBS Precision Engineering delivers world class measurement, positioning and motion systems where ultra-high precision is required. As a strategic engineering partner to the world’s best manufacturing equipment and scientific instrument suppliers, we have a distinguished track record of proven and robust precision solutions.

For over 25 years we have been helping our customers address unique problems. With our expert foundation in metrology, we understand the true meaning of ultra precision engineering and how to help you achieve it. We can help you achieve the next level of precision with:

Engineering solutions -custom made ultra precision measurement machines, modules and instruments.

Measuring systems - industry leading measurement solutions that guarantee the geometric or kinematic accuracy of your machine, product, process or instrument.

Components - when extreme precision is required in your machine, tool, inspection or transport system.

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In-line interferometer measurement of moving web

In-line interferometer measurement of moving web


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IBS Precision Engineering
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