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CreaPhys GmbH

CreaPhys GmbH
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CreaPhys GmbH is a spin-off of the Technical University Dresden. CreaPhys is a technology leader in purification and vacuum deposition of molecular organic and inorganic compounds for research and manufacturing of optoelectronic devices, perovskite solar cells and lithium-ion batteries. High purity materials are key for numerous applications including, but not limited to, life science, pharmacy and fine chemistry and nanotechnology. Organic electronics in particular require extremely high purities of deposited materials for reproducible mass production of efficient and reliable devices such as OLEDs and organic solar cells. CreaPhys offers in-house material preparation as a service to help material manufacturers and OEMs improve their material purity and device performance. In addition, CreaPhys develops, builds and distributes complete systems for the purification of organic and inorganic materials.

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CreaPhys GmbH
Niedersedlitzer Straße 75A, 01257 Dresden, Germany
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