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Copper inks that outperform silver!

Company profile

Copprint is an advanced materials chemical company focused on conductive Nano Copper inks for additive copper printing.

Our rapid self-sintering Nano Copper Inks are enabling ubiquitous conductivity for printed electronics by delivering high performance, low cost, rapid manufacturing of environmentally friendly conductive inks.

Copprint Conductive Nano Copper Inks are bringing the benefits of simple additive manufacturing to printed electronics transforming existing and new markets.

We are transforming flexible electronics markets, delivering a cost effective and sustainable approach for additive printing of photovoltaics, RFID and NFC antennas, flexible electronics and PCB’s, smart fabrics, embedded circuits (IOT) and more.

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Copprint inks

Copprint inks



Hartom 19, 9777518 Jerusalem, Israel
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