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Atrago BV

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We develop graphene MEMS-based displays for AR/VR/HUD and other imaging systems.

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Atrago has developed a graphene-based display technology with electro-opto-mechanical pixels that addresses the needs of the augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) and head-up displays (HUD) industry. The solution consists of Graphene MODulator (GMOD) technology, a reflective display whose pixels are mechanical micro-optical cavities made of graphene nano-sheets. The pixels can be electrically controlled to modulate ambient light and produce natural colours. This eliminates the need to use battery power to generate light in bright environments. GMOD technology vastly improves device performance, reduces complexity, and eases the production processes requiring only slight adaptation of existing production lines. GMOD also allows ultra-high refresh rates and ultra-high resolution with lower data bandwidth and low power consumption.


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Atrago BV
Capitool 10, 7521 PL Enschede, Netherlands
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