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Applied Materials Baccini

Applied Materials Baccini
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Advanced screen-printing solutions for the ultimate challenges in PE

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Applied Materials Baccini develops and manufactures complete solutions to address the ultimate technical challenges in printed electronics. Thanks to a dedicated process team supporting the customer demos, Applied Baccini can develop your novel idea, from the preliminary feasibility study to the proof-of-concept and prototyping. Once these initial phases are achieved, our engineering team will develop and design the complete solution for your high-volume manufacturing needs.

With the legacy of more than 2,000 tools installed for the metallization of solar cells, Applied Baccini is now releasing complete systems for several markets, from display to medical, from automotive to consumer electronics and lot more.

The specific characteristics that differentiate our tools are:
- Capability of fine line printing down to 15μm and line/spacing down to 30/30μm
- Highest printing repeatability of ±6μm
- High throughput enabled by tack time down to 0.95 sec

Product presentations

Tempo Presto for Printed Electronics

Tempo Presto for Printed Electronics

3D Semiautomatic Screen-Printer

3D Semiautomatic Screen-Printer


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Applied Materials Baccini
Via Postumia Ovest 244, 31048 Olmi S. Biagio di Callalta, Italy
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