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MicroAcoustiX c/o Leibniz IFW Dresden

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Revolution in Aerosol Jet Printing with Surface-Acoustic-Wave Technology


At MicroAcoustiX, we are developing the next-generation of compact, integratable atomizers, aerosol sources and aerosol jet print heads, creating directed fine micro- and nanometer-sized droplets using surface acoustic wave technology.

Our aerosol sources offer a narrow droplet size distribution, an adjustable flow rate and can be used with a broad fluid spectrum from aqueous solutions and organic solvents towards highly viscous particle solutions and anorganic inks as well as biological fluids and cell suspensions.

MicroAcoustiX' aerosol sources are available as stand-alone devices, for flange-based vacuum system or tube furnace integration, as well as compact integrated aerosol jet print heads with aerodynamical focussing.

They can be seamlessly combined with pumping systems or autosamplers for continuous sample / ink supply.



MicroAcoustiX c/o Leibniz IFW Dresden
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