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Functional Print Cluster

Functional Print Cluster
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Functional Print gathers 90 contributors of printed electronics Spanish sector


Functional Print and 3NEO are an innovative ecosystem, which brings together companies, R&D centers, educational centers and universities, involved in the development of advanced printing in Spain.

Our aim is to be a transmission mechanism for new advanced printing technologies, from a perspective of new business opportunities. Bringing new developments to industry, reaching the maximum exponent with functionalization through the use of advanced materials and inks, on all kind of substrates such as paper, textile, glass… The objective is to manufacture products of high innovative value at low cost, on a massive scale and with less environmental impact.

Specialized in the following areas: new Electronics, Biofunctional devices, Packaging indicators, and elements combining this with additive manufacturing. 

We prioritize 5 strategic lines of work: Mobility, IoT, Health, Packaging and Smart Building.

This year is our 10th anniversary, come, visit and join us!


Experience the capabilities of printed electronics

Experience the capabilities of printed electronics



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Functional Print Cluster
Plaza Tomás Caballero 2, Ed. Fuerte del Príncipe I, Bajo, 31006 Pamplona, Spanien
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