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DoMicro BV

DoMicro BV
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Technology/application development: Inkjet printing-micro assembly solutions FHE


DoMicro BV is a technology company providing innovative manufacturing technology, application solutions and micro assembly technology for flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and micro devices. DoMicro excells in developing cutting edge inkjet printing processes, micro assembly and 3D packaging technology. 

The company delivers R&D services, small series production, system architecture and project management. Typically for customers exploring new technologies for circuitry on flexible substrates like transparent conductive films, OPV electrodes, OLED, Lab-on-chip, wearables, in-mold electronics, IC and MEMS integrations. 

Major Activities: outsourced innovative R&D projects
- Flexible Hybrid Electronics 
- Inkjet printed electronics 
- Micro assembly technology 
- Advanced packaging

» Partnership in technology, consultancy and project management. 
» R&D services, print services and small series manufacturing.


State-of-the-art technology consultancy & R&D

State-of-the-art technology consultancy & R&D



DoMicro BV
Luchthavenweg 10, 5657 EB Eindhoven, Niederlande