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Rotary screenprinting products
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SPGPrints B.V.

Rotary screenprinting products

RSI® unit
The perfect complement to your press and is available from 10" up to 900mm print width and repeat sizes from 12-36” By printing higher deposits and larger particles, SPGPrints’ versatile Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) technology enables you to deliver special effects and offer extra functionality that cannot be achieved by any other printing process.

RSI® Line
The Hot Air Rotary Screen Printing line is a high-volume solution for Printed Electronics.The machine has space for the integration of UV/NIR/IR systems. Its design - with one or more printing stations in one line - enables you to produce your product in one single run. The type of substrate you use is not a problem; the machine handles all sorts of substrates, from sensitive film to heavy paper.

RotaMesh® screen material
A RotaMesh® screen is a non-woven, electroformed mesh made from 100% nickel. The unique hexagonal 'honeycomb' structure ensures sharp printing quality, maximum stability and consistency.