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Platilon<sup>®</sup> TPU films
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Platilon® TPU films

Platilon® polyurethane films represent a wide range of polymer compositions with outstanding mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. They are noted for their mechanical strength as well as being highly extensible and flexible in cold conditions. Platilon® TPU films are also heat-, puncture- and abrasion-resistant.

By virtue of our near unlimited potential to modify our products, Platilon® films are as individual as our customers’ needs. Our films can also be seen as technology enablers, efficiency drivers, health carers, energy savers and security agents. Dynamic lordosis systems, special wound dressings, bullet-proof vests, and lightproof blinds are just a few of the broad spectrum of applications achievable with Platilon® films. Numerous forms of processing are possible, around everything from lamination and welding to thermoforming and back-foaming. Platilon® can improve your post-processing efficiency, product performance and, ultimately, raise your bottom line.