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CeraPrinter F-Serie
Kategorie: Unternehmenspräsentationen

MGI Digital Technology

CeraPrinter F-Serie

CeraPrinter F-Serie is All-in-one State-of-the-art Digital Materials Deposition Platform for industrial multi-field applications in Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing. In addition to all CeraPrinter advantages, F-Serie is a hybrid platform combining Industrial Inkjet, Aerosol and many other Digital materials deposition technologies. Its

single user-friendly software opens the way to study hybrid process inaccessible by Inkjet or other deposition technologies separately.

Defined as a modular-based scalable technology able to integrate several post-processes in-line at lowest cost, minimum of footprint, with more capabilities, CeraPrinter Hybrid Solution enables the printing of the most advanced Printed Electronics applications.