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Simoldes Plasticos, S.A.

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Manufacturing of plastic components mainly for the automotive industry


Headquartered in Portugal, Simoldes Plastics is part of the multinational Simoldes, a family driven Group founded by António Rodrigues em 1959, focused on the manufacturing of plastic components mainly for the automotive industry. Simoldes Plastics is a set of 10 plants and several technical/commercial support offices, with long-term experience in the plastic injection and assembly of parts for the main OEMs. Our expertise extends to various technologies such as low pressure, gas injection, bi-injection, hybrid injection, woodstock among others, which allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.

Innovation is in the essence and origin of our products and businesses. We combine disruptive design, distinctive functionalities and technology to shape the creations of the future. This means we are constantly seeking new technical solutions. Our project teams study, analyze, test and design cost effective groundbreaking solutions specifically based on our client’s needs.




Simoldes Plasticos, S.A.
Rua Comendador Antonio da Silva Rodrigues 165, 3721-902 Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal