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Saralon GmbH

Organic and Printed Electronics Association
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Gedruckte Elektronik vereinfacht durch InkTech


Printed Electronics simplified through InkTech

Ink & production technology for sustainable electronics

Saralon develops and produces inks to bring sustainable electronics to masses. In future, electronics will be produced on paper/plastic by using special inks and standard color printing machines. Saralon provides these special inks and printing process know-hows to any company who have printing machines. There are millions of color printing companies all over the world. Our aim is to transform them into electronic manufacturers.


How to make a printed Zinc-MnO2 battery?

How to make a printed Zinc-MnO2 battery?



Saralon GmbH
Lothringer Straße 11, Hall L, 09120 Chemnitz, Deutschland