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RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd.

RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd.
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Coating, Printing, Proofing, laminating


RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd, specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment used to produce repeatable samples of most surface coatings.  The samples are then used for many quality control and research and development purposes including customer presentation samples, computer colour matching data, and to test for gloss, strength, weathering, etc.

The major industrial users of RK equipment include printing ink and paint manufacturers, printers, pigment, resin and dyestuff suppliers, textiles, adhesives, papers, films, foils, medical, security and pharmaceutical products.


VCML reel to reel Pilot Coater

VCML reel to reel Pilot Coater



RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd.
Abington Rd, Litlington, Royston, Herts SG8 0QZ, Großbritannien