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redoxme AB

redoxme AB
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Affordable tools for electrochemical setups


Redoxme AB was founded in July 2015 in Sweden. It is an outcome of an entrepreneurial process based on exploitation of an academic technology at Linköping University.

The Headquarter and Research & Development Department are located in Norrköping, Sweden. 

We provide laboratory instrumentation that enables simultaneous in-situ measurements of a number of signals (electrochemical, optical, thermal and other) on thin film and membrane materials. So what we are actually doing is creating an added value for existing laboratory facilities. An extension that combines many measurement techniques. But at the same time we promote best practice in measurements and data analysis and we impose a concrete standardization in the field of material science. In practice we are taking needs and opinions of scientist to create new methods that actually benefit to whole research community. 



redoxme AB
Södra Grytsgatan 1A 7226-3005, 602 33 Norrköping, Schweden