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PulseForge Inc

PulseForge Inc
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PulseForge Inc designs and manufactures pulsed-light thermal processing systems.


PulseForge Inc designs and manufactures pulsed-light thermal systems for ultra-fast processing including drying, sintering, curing, soldering, annealing, crystallizing, debonding, and lift-off.

Our tools have been used in manufacturing over 600 million cell phone displays, plus RFID tags, photovoltaics, and for innovative research in many diverse fields.

Key emerging applications areas include wearables, automotive, consumer electronics, photovoltaics, and batteries.

Use cases include sintering conductive inks for electronics and photovoltaics, reflowing solder on plastic such as for directly soldering coin cell batteries on PET, and curing/debonding polyimide for semiconductor manufacturing.

The PulseForge tools use as much as 85% less energy than traditional thermal processing, for sustainable manufacturing and supply-chain  decarbonization.

We work with designers, product engineers, and manufacturers to implement these technologies into next-gen light-weight, flexible products.


Advanced Electronics with PulseForge

Advanced Electronics with PulseForge




PulseForge Inc