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Norrköping Science Park

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Creating positive change


NOSP is a Swedish innovation environment located adjacent to Norrköping Campus, Linköping University. NOSP conducts activities in several areas linked to research, start-ups, international cooperation, and business development in printed and organic electronics. Examples of what is in the local ecosystem:

The Printed Electronics Arena (PEA) is a test and demonstration facility and innovation cluster that brings academic research findings and industrial applications and needs closer together. PEA is run in close collaboration by RISE and LIU.

Home of Organic and Printed Electronics (HOPE)  is an investment in Norrköping aiming to increase the number of companies in printed and organic electronics based on world-class research over the last 20 years at LiU. NOSP, LiU, RISE support. 

The Digital Cellulose Center (DCC) is a VINNOVA Competence Center and research environment hosted by RISE that develops sustainable digital solutions by combining forest-based materials with electronics.



Norrköping Science Park
Laxholmstorget 3, 602 21 Norrköping, Schweden