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CondAlign AS

CondAlign AS
Organic and Printed Electronics Association
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Conductive tapes for room temp bonding in flexible electronics no added pressure


CondAlign is a technology company dedicated to development and production of anisotropic, conductive films. Based on our patented technology, we make electrical and thermal conductive films (ACFs and TIMs) in our site in Norway. The electrically conductive adhesive films are very well suited for room temperature bonding in flexible and hybrid electronics. Advantages compared to traditional ACFs are:

  • Simply apply and use it in room temperature as a double-sided tape – neither high pressure, nor heat curing is required
  • Our ACF provides both mechanical and electrical interconnection
  • Enables bonding of temperature sensitive substrates
  • Significant reduction of conductive particles leads to a cost-efficient product with very good mechanical properties: adhesiveness, softness and flexibility
  • Our products are environmentally friendly due to reduced particle usage, reduced energy consumption in assembly (no heat curing), and reduced waste due to simplified product disassembly and reuse

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CondAlign AS
Bøkkerveien 5, 0579 Oslo, Norwegen