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Silga Industries

Silga Industries
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With 50 years of experience, your partner to produce Printed Electronics


Problems solved and opportunities created!

50 years of experience in PCB production, puts Silga in pole position for reliability and know-how. Our safe and solid products, are the perfect match between passion, team work and knowledge.

Our latest green evolution, Printed Electronics products made with high-performance funtional inks applied by screen printing on lightweight, recycable and flex substrates, will manufacture your ideas!

Silga’s team is daily involved in the big challenge of maximizing quality/price ratio, by using a reliable partner network.

Thanks to our new dedicated screen printing line and technical capabilities like:

  • High Printing accuracy for thin lines
  • Multilayer printing
  • 40 μm thickness for capacitive displays
  • Different types of polimerization (IR, UV, Convection)

our experts at the Tech Centre we’ll be your turnkey partner in the development of your product.

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Dedicated to Printed Electronics customized projects

Dedicated to Printed Electronics customized projects



Silga Industries
Via Carlo Marx, 54, 60022 Castelfidardo (AN), Italien