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R2R plasma nanocoated films for thin line printed electronics


NORCOP offers innovative technological solutions in fine line printed electronics.  Using our Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (AP-PECVD) technology we deposit transparent functional nano-coatings on a variety of films*, altering the surface physical and chemical properties, optimising them for conductive and dielectric ink printing.

By matching the surface energy of the film to the surface tension of the ink, we mass produce tailor-made surfaces for inkjet and screen printing of straight edge fine lines down to 50µm widths. This “substrate-ink coupling” reduces pin-holing, ensures optimal adhesion with perfect wetting thus giving a 2-3fold increase in conductivity and the subsequent reduction in silver ink volumes and space.

Depending on process parameters and film thickness, our AP-PECVD station is currently capable of processing reels up to 2000mm width at speeds ranging from 20 to 70 m/min allowing a maximum production capacity of up to 8400 m²/h.


Plasma nanocoating technology

Plasma nanocoating technology

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