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Nadetech Innovations

Nadetech Innovations
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Design and production of machinery based on coating techniques and 3D printing


Nadetech produces devices based on coating techniques (ultrasonic and precision spray, dip coating, electrospinning, sputtering), and others specially focused on tissue engineering and 3D printing.

We customize the solutions and offer tests to ensure the results. Our projects and customers are distributed in multiple sectors: biomedicine, chemistry, nanoscience, crystals, pharma, energy ... We also have experience in R&D, internally as well as for customers.

Our vision is to facilitate the knowledge transfer between Science and Industry, fostering the arrival to the society of advantages coming from new materials' development.

Since our creation, we have been cooperating with scientists and industry professionals, delivering proper tools for their specific environments. Communication is crucial to succeed in this task, following the compromise of offering solutions able to deliver the maximum potential of materials.

Improving people's lives through advanced materials science applications.


ND spray coaters

ND spray coaters




Nadetech Innovations
P.I Arbide II, Calle V, Nave 4., 31110 Noain, Spanien