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CondAlign AS

CondAlign AS
Organic and Printed Electronics Association
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The way we conduct particles leads our customers to startling innovations!


CondAlign is a Norwegian technology company tailor-making anisotropic conductive films and related products for our technology partners to develop break-through products.

The company is a spin off from the Norwegian research center IFE, with offices, lab-space and R2R pilot production capabilities in Oslo, Norway.

CondAlign develops anisotropic film materials based on our patented alignment technology. We create next generation advanced films, like anisotropic conductive pressure sensitive adhesives and other conductive films. These add new freedom to the designers’ building techniques when they create new products within hybrid, flexible and printed electronics systems. Our technology is material independent and can be adjusted to a wide variety of materials and product specifications and can therefore be tailored based on every company’s specific needs. It can be integrated with R2R production, allowing for efficient and scalable manufacturing.



CondAlign AS
Bøkkerveien 5, 0579 Oslo, Norwegen