Creative Materials Inc.

Creative Materials Inc.
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Technology leader and manufacturer of customized conductive inks & adhesives.


For over 30 years Creative Materials Inc., an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company develops, manufactures and markets specialty adhesives, coatings and inks to customers worldwide. Our extensive line of products encompasses a wide range of markets, including consumer electronics, medical devices and alternative energy solutions.

Creative Materials also provides prototyping services for printed electronics to demonstrate proofs of concept and for short production runs. Our prototyping services can shorten your product development cycle and time-to-market by providing focused project consultation.

Our project team will work closely with your design engineers throughout the prototyping process and can often make final adjustments to formulations in real time based on testing during print runs.

Our recent innovations include lower-cost conductive inks and adhesives that replace traditional materials and meet performance specifications across applications and markets. 


Pressure Variable Resistor Inks 128-09 Series

Pressure Variable Resistor Inks 128-09 Series

Anisotropic B-Stageable Conductive Adhesive Series

Anisotropic B-Stageable Conductive Adhesive Series

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Creative Materials Inc.
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Herr Matthew Ganslaw
Vice President
Creative Materials Inc.