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The MOLOKO project is an ICT-H2020 innovation action started in January 2018


ISMN is a CNR research institute internationally renowned for its multidisciplinary activities in the field of nanostructured materials and enabling processes and technologies. The institute aims at generating state of the art knowledge in the field of Chemical Manufacturing and Science and Technology of Materials, and at exploiting the research results through the relationship with the industrial and business world. In a stimulating and dynamic environment, ISMN has a prestigious scientific track record and regularly performs industrial research programs focussed on specific real-setting applications. The well-assessed and broad multidisciplinary culture in the chemistry and physics of nanostructured materials and in the enabling processes and technologies, make ISMN capable of pursuing research challenges with significant social and economic impact.



Via Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna, Italien
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Herr Stefano Toffanin
MOLOKO Project Coordinator
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Frau Isella Vicini
MOLOKO Dissemination Manager